Friday, November 30, 2012

Missionary Mom Necklaces

I ran into my friend, Susie, at the school the other day and she asked about making a special necklace for her sister-in-law who has a son that is serving an LDS Mission in Seoul Korea.  What a fun idea!  So, I thought about my own sister, Kim, who has 2 missionary sons.  One is serving in Trujillo, Peru and the other is flying out to Angola next week.  He will be serving in the Maputo, Mozambique mission.  Well, it was such a good idea I couldn't help but make a Missionary Mom necklace for my sister too!  I added 2 more discs for her sons who are still at home.  They'll get their call someday and I'll add their missions to her necklace.  I wore it around for 2 days straight because I love it so much!  Hey!  They're my nephews!  Here's a peek:

And here is the one for Susie's sister-in-law . . . I think it's my new favorite!

I've been making a lot of jewelry for people to give away as gifts this year, and it is always so joyous when someone orders something for themselves!  Here is Susie's circle pendant that she ordered for herself.  I know it won't make it all the way to Christmas, but I hope she re-wraps it and sticks it under the tree for herself on Christmas morning!

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