Friday, March 27, 2009

Mother's Day Commissioned Work

A Mother's Day necklace for my doctor's daughter. Her son's name is Oliver.
This one is for Lisa's mom.
The M and M is for Mike and Missy, and the S is for their daughter, Shelby.
Hammered copper initial necklace.

More photos of recent work.

How do I spend my "free time?"

Some projects I've been working on lately. This bracelet was made for my doctor's daughter, her new son's name is Oliver. I accidentally goofed up the words to the song "You Are My Sunshine," but I think it's OK because I'd rather be happy "every day" rather than just "when skies are gray." This cuff-style bracelet is pretty dang cool, if I do say so myself!
This bracelet was made for my doctor's wife, Sherry. She said she loves stars and to do something with stars. Here's my offering to starry nights everywhere. This one, too, was awfully fun to make.
This was a "thing" that I started making back in December for a friend's birthday. I'm not sure what it really is, I thought at one time that it could be a key chain. But now, I think it's just a big metal thing. She wants me to turn it into a bracelet, and so I'll try. We'll see how it turns out.
My new mantra. "Let come what may, and love it." This is from a fabulous conference talk that just makes sense to me. Stuff happens. We can accept it and embrace it, or we can choose to be really miserable. I wear this necklace most days and truly love it. The copper has developed a warm, rich, natural patina that makes me love it even more.
This necklace was for my sister, Kim, on her 40th birthday in February. The letters are her children's initials. I will have to eventually mail this to her, since my kid's names don't start with any of these letters. I always seem to be a day late, or something . . .