Friday, January 31, 2014

Generations Necklace

Amy is one of my best friends in the whole world.  We were thrown together in college, by chance, sharing our freshman dorm apartment.  We have followed each other going on 24 years!  For most of that time, we have lived across the country from each other.  But we still manage to stay in touch and can even get together every few years or so.  Amy is one of those wonderful and rare friends that "gets me."  You know what I mean?  This necklace is for her mom.  Amy and her dad sent me a simple sketch of what her mom wanted . . .  a stamped necklace with three charms: one for her children and spouses, one for her grandchildren, and one with her favorite scripture found in Doctrine & Covenants 84:88.  I stacked the charms together so that they would lay nicely.  The grandchildren are stamped onto the top piece, the heart outline.

 Next, comes the scripture.  This is the Jesus the Christ speaking:

"I will be on your right hand and on your left,
and my Sprit shall be in your hearts,
and mine angels round about you, to bear you up."

And the third layer is her 5 children and their spouses.  An appropriate gift from her husband for her to wear as they approach a new chapter in their lives: serving a church Mission in Australia!

Angel's Wing Necklace

This is one of my favorite necklaces to make.  There are variations, for sure.  It includes a circle LOVE pendant and freshwater pearl, and usually the names of children or a spouse and wedding or birth date.  It's a great "family necklace."  This one was ordered by my lovely friend, Dianna, who is a strong and beautiful, faith-filled grandmother.  It is extra special because it is for a young mom who recently had to say goodbye to her 7 week-old baby girl.  Brilee's parents knew there were complications during the pregnancy and were told that their little angel was not likely to survive birth.  If she was born alive, they only expected to have a couple of hours with her.  Through lots of faith, prayer, and miracles . . . Brilee lived for 7 weeks!  This necklace is kinetic as the charms mix around with movement and gravity.  Sometimes you can see Brilee's name, and sometimes it is covered up by the wing.  To me, it says she is always with us even though we can't see her.

Custom Silver Charm

Danell ordered this beautiful "Grandmother Bracelet" as a Christmas gift for her mom.  There are 17 grandchildren represented here!  The boy initials are in a block type, and the girls are a little curly.  We interspersed it with crystals and pearls to represent her 7 children.  The size of the charms makes this a lovely light-weight, and comfortable keepsake to enjoy for years.

Tracey has been a sweet friend and client for years.  We lived just a block away from each other in Utah, and she has also moved to Southern California.  We got together for lunch a little while back and she ordered a few pieces.  The "loved" charm bracelet is for her daughter, Caitlin.  With a doubled link-style chain, she can gather all kinds of special charms.

Below is a silver stick style necklace for Tracey.  This includes her wedding date, her three daughters, their wedding dates, and three grandchildren.  This is a necklace that will grow as her family grows.

Soft Leather ID Bracelets

It's no secret that my favorite jewelry clients are a group of 3rd grade teachers in Temecula.  Sandy, Michele, and Karen are some of the loveliest people I know.  I kind of wish I was one of the teachers on their team (or a kid in their class) because they are so full of love and warmth.  The highlight of my week is stopping by on their lunch hour to deliver jewelry.  I always come away feeling a little bit taller and like I can conquer whatever curve ball is coming my way next.  These bracelets started out with the one above, a gift that Sandy ordered for Dana, at Christmastime.  Well, guess what . . . they all needed to have one.  I put them together and then met up at lunch to measure their wrists and finish off the clasp.

This is a hand-cut sterling silver oval, gently hammered on the edges and stamped with their name.  It is strung on the softest deer skin leather cord.  The ends are wire-wrapped and finished with a sterling silver clasp and sweet little freshwater pearl.

The bracelet wraps around the wrist 3 - 4 times. (Michele added the words "accept" "faith" and "peace" to hers).  They make everyday lovely.


This sweet peek-a-boo heart pendant is for a friend of mine who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  In a matter of moments, it seems, she is having to make some really tough decisions.  With major surgery and chemotherapy on the horizon, I just wanted to do something to help her feel special and give her a little boost of love.  I know I can't really do anything to lighten her load or change her circumstances, but making jewelry is one of my special ways of turning anxious energy into something beautiful and positive.

I set out searching the inter webs for an idea to spark my imagination . . . and came across a sweet little heart pendant made by an artist in Slovakia.  This is my version.  It's a pierced copper heart square soldered to a hand-cut sterling silver disc, ever-so-gently-hammered, and layered on top of a larger hand-cut sterling disc that is stamped with a secret message.

I am truly blessed to know my brave friend.  She is such an example of strength and faith to me!