Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jennifer's Medallions and JOY

I had a lot of fun working with Jennifer from California. She was in town for Education Week and wanted to design a unique family necklace using copper, brass, and silver. We collaborated back and forth to achieve this beautiful family necklace. It was really fun getting to know Jennifer and her kids, her mom, siblings, and friends. Thanks, Jennifer!

This necklace was for Jennifer's sister, Brooke. She loves the scripture in 2 Nephi 2:25 "men are that they might have joy." I whole-heartedly agree. The pendant has JOY on the front, and the Book of Mormon scripture on the back.

Brooke selected some fabulous lampwork beads to compliment her JOY pendant and I wired them all together into this beautiful necklace. This was a really fun project to work on. I'm glad I got to visit with Brooke and make some jewelry that is meaningful to her.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ashley's Wedding Pendant

Here's a necklace that I did for my cousin, Ashley's bridal shower. She and David are getting married and I am very excited to help them celebrate their new life together. I have made several of these pendants for various purposes. I made some as teacher gifts back in May, the front said "thank you." I made one for Zoe's soccer coach. The front said "coach" and the back said "go knights!" This is a versatile little piece that looks great plain, with no writing, yet can fit all kinds of stuff in the heart, like a child's name or the word HOPE, great word, by the way. It also looks great layered with other jewelry.
Here's the back view with Ashley's wedding date. This size lettering is small enough to put a good, solid message on the back. It's kind of like a secret, that not everybody sees unless you want them to!

My Favorite Necklace

Here's one I made for me, finally. I'm a rather organic, granola-eating, tree-hugging kind of gal, so this one isn't as refined as it could be . . . on purpose. I hand-cut everything for an organic, time-worn look. I wear it every day. It has a great feel to it. I love it.

Here's a spread-out view, so that you can read the names. The first picture is how gravity hangs it around my neck.

Here's the back view, with my kids' birthdays. I can re-make pendants like this for about $20 a piece. Of course there are options: hammered edges, polka-dot edges, perfect circles for a more refined look, etc, etc, etc.