Thursday, May 23, 2013

Getting Caught Up . . .

I am so far behind with my blog posts!  
Here are a few of the projects that I've been working on over the past couple of months. 

Above is a beautiful family necklace for Rita. The heart represents her husband, and the two rectangles are her kids.  Round it all off with a sweet little pearl and a circle of love.

And for Ashley's friend, three initial charms for her three kiddos.  A red Swarovski crystal to give it a little bling.

Here's one for Felicia to give - this was for her High School Basketball team's Booster Club Mom.  It has all 6 of her children: Tiana - Garrett - Melissa - Derek - Brett - and Christina.

A silver moon charm for Michele to give - with the initials K and J.

Here's one for Karen to give - Christopher was born on St. Patrick's Day!

And one for my cute cousin, Kelsey.  She just got married to her sweetheart, Kevin.  I wish them all the happiness in the world and miss living close enough to see them.

I made this "LOVE" pendant for Michele to give - she liked it so much that she had me make one for herself!  My favorite kind of gift!

Stephanie contacted me wanting to give a special gift to her sister, Janie, who has battled breast cancer.  She wanted a family necklace with extra meaning.  The blue heron has special significance to their family, so we tracked one down to add to the necklace.  Thanks to Mckenzie Jewelers on Etsy for the beautiful blue heron.

Above, a fun necklace for my dear friend, Jill.

A mission necklace for Valerie's friend who got her LDS mission call to Denver, Colorado SPANISH speaking!  Her favorite color is purple, so we added a purple Swarovski crystal for fun.

For my favorite Harry Potter friend, Ashley, a "Horcrux" keychain.