Friday, January 31, 2014

Custom Silver Charm

Danell ordered this beautiful "Grandmother Bracelet" as a Christmas gift for her mom.  There are 17 grandchildren represented here!  The boy initials are in a block type, and the girls are a little curly.  We interspersed it with crystals and pearls to represent her 7 children.  The size of the charms makes this a lovely light-weight, and comfortable keepsake to enjoy for years.

Tracey has been a sweet friend and client for years.  We lived just a block away from each other in Utah, and she has also moved to Southern California.  We got together for lunch a little while back and she ordered a few pieces.  The "loved" charm bracelet is for her daughter, Caitlin.  With a doubled link-style chain, she can gather all kinds of special charms.

Below is a silver stick style necklace for Tracey.  This includes her wedding date, her three daughters, their wedding dates, and three grandchildren.  This is a necklace that will grow as her family grows.

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