Friday, January 31, 2014


This sweet peek-a-boo heart pendant is for a friend of mine who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  In a matter of moments, it seems, she is having to make some really tough decisions.  With major surgery and chemotherapy on the horizon, I just wanted to do something to help her feel special and give her a little boost of love.  I know I can't really do anything to lighten her load or change her circumstances, but making jewelry is one of my special ways of turning anxious energy into something beautiful and positive.

I set out searching the inter webs for an idea to spark my imagination . . . and came across a sweet little heart pendant made by an artist in Slovakia.  This is my version.  It's a pierced copper heart square soldered to a hand-cut sterling silver disc, ever-so-gently-hammered, and layered on top of a larger hand-cut sterling disc that is stamped with a secret message.

I am truly blessed to know my brave friend.  She is such an example of strength and faith to me!

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