Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Necklaces

This year for Valentine's Day I made gorgeous heart pendants. The large one is for Zoe and the small one is for Zalea. Zalea's is about 5/8" and the back says "love you." Zoe's is about 2" wide by 2 1/4" tall and I tied it with a snippit of silk ribbon (from Tucson) to match her outfit. It slides on a 24" ball chain. 100% handcrafted, aged and polished by hand for an antique look. The stamping is from the last line of ee cumming's poem, "my father moved through dooms of love" and it reads "LOVE is the WHOLE and more than ALL." The girls got these lovely necklaces and what did Enzo want? Milk chocolate.

I have been thinking that this large heart pendant would make a great mother's necklace. It would be fun to put your kids names all over it. I will have to play around with that idea a little bit. Watch for further posts . . .

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