Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mother's Pendant Necklace

So, earlier today, I posted about how cute this necklace would be as a Mother's necklace. I had a little "free time" today after helping at school (2nd grade math games), just enough to construct this lovely heart pendant for my sister, Kim. Her birthday is coming up and I love to surprise her. This is the same heart pattern that I used for Zoe's Valentine pendant, but I hammered in J&K (for Kim and her husband, John), and the names of her 4 smashing boys: Tyler, Jaron, Cameron, and McKaden. I distressed this one a little bit more and attached a riveted bail. 100% handcrafted, aged, and polished. This one is about 26" long and can be layered with a favorite necklace (recognize that labradorite? I can't stop wearing it . . .) I used a snippet from the same silk ribbon I got in Tucson 2 years ago and Voila! Happy Birthday Kim!

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