Friday, December 4, 2009

All In A Day Off

I had a few hours on my recent "day off" to work on some projects. These 4 celebrate (from left to right): a wedding, birth of a daughter, birthday celebration for a new 14 year-old, and my own mid-life crisis. This was a lot of fun! Thanks ladies!


Chantalle Bishop said...

2 out of 4 for our family! I love love love all the pieces for my necklace- thank you! And what a cute way to fit 'Elizabeth' on there! She is just starting to understand the plight of having a super long least her middle name is only 4 letters (Leah) whereas her name is my middle, making both my names 9 letters long!

EclecticEarth said...

Chantalle, thanks for your comment! I love to make things for your family! Your mom is such a dear friend! She just glows when she talks about you! Congratulations on the addition to your family, babies are always AMAZING!