Friday, October 30, 2009

My Favorite Place

This is the view from the door into my studio. It doesn't matter how many hours I spend cleaning and organizing this room you can NEVER tell. There is still no place I'd rather be!

This is a shot of my workbench - notice the mug of peppermint tea, the bag of apples, the telephone, etc., amidst all of my various tools and scraps. Below is a close-up, but not too close!
Next is a view of my "Glass Station." My bead kiln is in the left corner, and my oxygen & propane tanks are in the right corner (below a really cool-textured painting that my mom did in the '70s). In the center is my bench-mount torch. All of those little glass jars in the window are filled with frit, which I use to color the glass.

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