Thursday, November 21, 2013

Handcrafted Jewelry Samples

I was recently invited to do another mini-show at our Elementary School in Temecula.  These are some of my favorite people, and I wanted to display some beautiful samples to give them an idea of what I can make.  Here are a few of the pieces I made for the show:

A gemstone quote bracelet with a pierced heart.

A copper cuff with a silver and bronze hand-cut sun with one of my favorite Roald Dahl Quotes:

"If you have GOOD thoughts
they will SHINE out of your
face like SUNBEAMS and
you will always look BEAUTIFUL"

A lovely silver and bronze heart pendant on a soft leather cord.

Below is a cast silver initial charm with a double strand of London Blue Topaz and white pearl accents:

Here is a sweet mother's pendant with a ruby and pearl.  The ruby stands for love and the pearl symbolizes purity.

Next is a hammered brass heart pendant with a ruby and a soft pink pearl.  The leather cord is hand-wrapped with silver wire.

Another hammered brass heart, but this one has a riveted bail and a larger ruby and champagne pearl.  "Mon ami" means my friend.

Here is a medium silver quote pendant for my favorite science buff.
Accented with swarovski crystal and seed pearls.

This is my own mother's necklace with my three kids' names, including middle names.

A gemstone cluster necklace on soft deerskin leather with silver accents.

Below is my newest everyday necklace.  The front of the charm says "brave," the back says "goddess."  I've wired it into a beautiful silver and mixed gemstone necklace.  This necklace is the perfect reminder of two dear friends, as the charm is from Dianna when I moved away, and the technique is similar to what Tawny would do.  I think of both of them every time I wear it.  It is so versatile!  Just about everything I wear matches it somehow . . .

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