Friday, May 8, 2009

I love a girl who loves her mom!

Funky bracelet with copper charms for Jen's mom. This was a great soldering experiment. I sweat-soldered the copper heart onto the silver heart, then couldn't bear to drill a hole through them, my drill would undoubtedly jump around and the hole would be off-center. So, I soldered a loop to the back to make a place for the jump ring. I LOVE the warmth of the copper on this bracelet. Just a little detail view.

Silver on silver heart charm for Jen's mother-in-law. This necklace is 24" long and it lays nicely.

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Ms. Mort said...

I Absolutely love them!!! They are even better than I imagined and I imagined good stuff. How lucky I am to have my very own custom jewelry artist. Thanks again & again & again.